Chief of the restaurant

Trivia dictator game

Familiarity with the game will pass quickly if you aren’t a noodle, be careful! You have a little business in South America. You are a hero in the eyes of your workers and a member of the organisation "Mafia" to your enemies – the police. Every day you will struggle with your competitors. The captain will make you pay fines and bribes. Workers ask for concessions and customers ask for service. Read carefully the questions and topics that will be on the screen. They will affect the attitude towards you. Your private office is the only place where you won’t be listened. Forget about the oil, real money goes to a restaurant. And any exchange rate in World will not affect you. You will be for a while a gangster, a strategist, a businessman, a music lover, a fool, a psychologist, a king, a polyglot and just a person in this game for free. You have to distinguish between true or false, to plan your expenses and income if you don’t want to go to a place called "prison." If you have difficult decisions throw a coin "heads or tails" or take advantage of our tips. The online movie is different. And another thing, do not pass the game on 94%. Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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