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I may refer to Service as "I" or "my". I may refer to you as "reader", "you", or "your". The purpose of this policy is to inform you about the information I collect, how I use and share that information, and the ways in which you can control how I use and share that information. By submitting your information through my Service, you agree to the terms of this policy and you expressly consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your information in accordance with this policy.
I am a controller of your personal data.
You can contact me at any time convenient for you. Contacts are at the end.

The personal information I collect automatically
- IP address

The personal information I collect
- Device ID (UIID for iOS devices, AndroidID for Android devices) This identifier is hashed with SHA256 or MD5)
    - Operating system (iOS, Android or Amazon)
    - Language
- Gender
- Nickname

I gather the content (tasks, stories, comments etc) that will be in public access

Why I collect personal information
    - This information is required to create an account and identify the user
- For content creation and/or interaction with other users

Data transfer
- All information is transferred through the secured protocol Web Socket Secure (WSS)

How long the information is stored
    - Personal data is kept for 12 months since the last usage of the service. If you don't use the service for 12 months your personal data will be automatically deleted, the content will be moved to a special user "DELETED", this way the authorship of the content will be impossible to determine
- Until you do not remove it yourself

Manage your personal information
    - You can delete your personal data (or all information including the content) with the appropriate button in the settings menu
    - You can request a copy of your data by contacting the email address below

The usage of the side services for analytics and advertising
- FireBase Analytics, analytics, read their privacy policy:
- AdCel, advertisingи, read their privacy policy

You have the right to a number of rights to protect your personal data. These rights:
    - The right to access information about you;
    - The right to correct inaccurate information about you;
    - The right to transfer all or part of the information collected about you to you or another data controller where technically possible (the right to data portability);
    - The right to delete any data relating to you. Users may require removal of data without undue delay;
    - The right to restrict data processing.
  - The right to object in the processing of personal data;

The user has the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Agency in his / her country of residence if his rights can be violated.

However, I recommend trying to reach a peaceful resolution of a possible dispute by contacting me.

Adoption of this policy
    I assume that all users have read this document carefully and agreed to its contents.
    If someone disagrees with this policy, they should refrain from using the mobile app.
    I reserve the right to change the policy at any time
    By accepting this policy, you agree that you are 18 or over

How to contact me

Effective date
8 April 2019


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